Focused on the Few (TM)

Established in 1926 in Europe, the Recordati Group is a public global pharmaceutical company committed to the research and development of unique treatments for rare diseases and new medicines mainly for cardiovascular and urogenital disorders.

Along with our sister company, Orphan Europe, Recordati Rare Diseases is part of the Recordati Group, and dedicated to developing innovative, high-impact therapies. Our focus is mainly on those who we believe need it most—people affected by rare diseases. They serve as our top priority and sit at the centre of everything we do.

Our Products

Recordati Rare Diseases Canada is developing a robust portfolio of therapies designed to meet the needs of underserved patient populations.


Support & Resources

Our top priority is meeting the needs of the rare disease community.


Recordati Rare Diseases Foundation

We provide advanced, independent, professional education and teaching courses highly specialized in the area of rare diseases.